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Pneumatic Tube Transport Systems

Aerocom’s pneumatic tube systems are enhancing operational efficiency throughout many different industries and their facilities all over the world.  Whether the need is to move small parts, paperwork, cash or time sensitive items - Aerocom delivers.  From point A to B or from point A to B to C to D, Aerocom Systems will define, design, and deliver the system for you. 

These systems range from the 2 station point-to-point delivery option to the fully automatic 1024 station set-up.  Designs include single-zone, multi-zone and Linear Coupler configurations.


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Our Systems

AC2U Pneumatic Tube System


AC2U Pneumatic System

The AC2U is a point to point system which connects up to 3 station locations for the safe, effective transport of your secured documents and samples.


AC24M Pneumatic Tube System


AC24M Pneumatic System

The AC24M provides fast, reliable cash and document transfer between point of sale and bookkeeping areas. Retail environments are ideal for the secure two-way transmission of the AC24M.




AC660 Pneumatic Tube System


AC660 Pneumatic System

The AC660 connects multiple points of transfer and is conducive to the environments of commercial and industrial facilities. Whether outside, inside, cold facilities, or hot sampling facilities, the AC660's unique features can increase productivity.


AC3000 Pneumatic Tube System


AC3000 Pneumatic System

The AC3000 offers enhanced operating features for fully automated functionality.  It provides optimal audit trail reporting which is ideal for processing plants, foundries, manufacturing and casinos.





Size and weight are rarely a problem. Aerocom Tube Systems come in a range of diameters with the most common being 4 inch and 6 inch.  200mm and 315mm are available if required for your application. Whatever the pneumatic tube system need, Aerocom has the answer.

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